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FASS Fuel Systems Powers Xcaliber Pulling with American Craftsmanship and Diesel Performance Excellence

FASS Fuel Systems, a proud platinum sponsor of Xcaliber Pulling, brings cutting-edge technology and American craftsmanship to the forefront of diesel performance. Specializing in Fuel Air Separation Systems, FASS offers diesel truck owners a comprehensive solution to enhance fuel mileage, engine performance, and the longevity of their diesel injection systems. Crafted in the USA with meticulous attention to detail, FASS diesel fuel pumps and filters ensure the cleanest fuel delivery, safeguarding the heart of your beloved truck. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, FASS Fuel Systems remains dedicated to providing unparalleled quality and complete customer satisfaction, empowering enthusiasts to power their lives with confidence and reliability. Check out their website at for more information and store locations.

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