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Fueling Success: MFA Oil Powers Up Xcaliber Pulling with Community Support and Quality Products

MFA Oil's sponsorship of Xcaliber Pulling not only underscores their community involvement but also serves as a platform to showcase their diverse range of offerings. As a leading provider of fuels, propane, oils, and lubricants, MFA Oil plays a crucial role in supporting not just our sport of truck and tractor pulling, but also the broader agricultural and automotive industries. Their high-quality products ensure the smooth operation of vehicles and machinery. This partnership not only highlights MFA Oil's commitment to supporting local sports but also emphasizes their dedication to delivering reliable energy solutions to their customers. Please take time to stop by your local MFA Oil Company to thank them for their support of truck and tractor pulling through Xcaliber Pulling as well as to purchase some of their diverse range of products. For more information and for locations, visit their website at 

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