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Gearing Up for Greatness: Introducing 12-D Toolbox Sales and 12-D Construction as Xcaliber Pulling's Gold Sponsors

We are thrilled to announce that 12-D Toolbox Sales and 12-D Construction have joined Xcaliber Pulling as Gold Sponsors! These exceptional companies bring unmatched expertise and a deep commitment to quality, making them perfect partners for our high-performance team.

12-D Toolbox Sales: The Ultimate in Weatherproof Truck Toolboxes

Welcome to 12-D Toolbox Sales, the premier supplier of top-quality weatherproof truck toolboxes. Partnered with Upland Manufacturing, 12-D Toolbox Sales is dedicated to providing products that exceed your expectations. Founded on principles of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, 12-D Toolbox Sales offers a diverse range of toolboxes built for durability and functionality. Their expert team ensures that every product is crafted from the highest quality materials, tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Please visit their website for more information.

12-D Construction: Building Excellence in Every Project

Since 2018, 12-D Construction has been a leading force in the construction industry, offering superior general contracting services in Shelbina, MO, and across the Midwest. With over 60 years of combined experience, 12-D Construction excels in steel erection, fabrication, pre-engineered metal buildings, mezzanines, steel staircases, and handrails. Their commitment to quality and comprehensive project management from start to finish has made them elite contractors. Beyond their exceptional work, 12-D Construction values its employees, offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a family-like work environment. For more information, check them out on at this link:

A Dynamic Partnership for Success

The partnership between Xcaliber Pulling, 12-D Toolbox Sales, and 12-D Construction is driven by a shared dedication to excellence and innovation. As Gold Sponsors, 12-D Toolbox Sales and 12-D Construction bring their top-tier products and services to support our team, enhancing our ability to compete and succeed. We are honored to have their backing and are excited about the future achievements this collaboration will bring.

Thank you, 12-D Toolbox Sales and 12-D Construction, for your invaluable support.

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