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Growing Stronger Together: Vortex Seed Continues as Gold Sponsor for Xcaliber Pulling

We are delighted to announce that Vortex Seed, based in Leonard, Missouri, is continuing its invaluable support as a Gold Sponsor for Xcaliber Pulling! Known for supplying farmers throughout Missouri with a diverse array of high-quality seed options, Vortex Seed is dedicated to fostering agricultural success and sustainability.

Vortex Seed: Your Trusted Partner in Agriculture

Vortex Seed has earned a stellar reputation among Missouri's farming community by providing top-notch seeds tailored to meet the unique needs of various crops. Their commitment to quality ensures that farmers receive the best products to maximize their yield and enhance the overall health of their fields. With an extensive selection of seeds and a focus on innovation, Vortex Seed stands at the forefront of agricultural excellence. Visit their Facebook Page for more information at

We are incredibly grateful to Vortex Seed for their continued sponsorship. Thank you, Vortex Seed, for your steadfast support and commitment to excellence.

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